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We only use the purest, wild-rafted, organically and biodynamically cultivated ingredients available. read more.

Skin Drink Face Lotion

Back by popular demand! Great under make-up and just as wonderful used alone. Click here for more details.


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Faceology Felixir

Faceology Felixir

This Felixir is power packed with olive leaf extract and can substantially decrease fine lines and wrinkles when used with the Faceology mask and moisturiser. Infuse your skin with youthfulness from the proven power of plant phytonutrients.

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10 Things About our Skin Plus Relief Cream

  1. It doesn't contain ANY artificial ingredients. 100% unprocessed plant based
  2. It enhances the skins own protection by adding layers of EFA’s
  3. It is raw, uncooked, retaining powerful nutrients
  4. It is not a medicated product and it is not restricted in the percentage of active ingredients - we make it 100% active by every single ingredient being active, no dead material
  5. It doesn’t contain petrochemicals or preservatives, so it doesn’t compromise the skins health
  6. No upper or lower age limit - 0 yrs - 100+
  7. It is SPF 15 which is naturally occurring from the plant value, not from added chemicals
  8. Its moisturising value is like no other
  9. It can be used on all skin types to rectify and balance
  10. It is Australia’s Miracle Cream, a multi-purpose, active cream that leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth and well looked after
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Filler free skin care

Since its inception, KuuSh has had many criteria points that it has remained to abide loyally by, ensuring that it would make huge changes in the way skin care is experienced and felt around the world. KuuSh products do not contain ANY filler. Filler is used to bulk up products at little or no cost and water is a typical filler used... continue reading